The company promotes rational proposals

time:2019/4/5 13:16:28 form:Heguang Technology

The continuous development ofa company is based on the continuous innovation and improvement of all employees. In 2019, the company has carried out the “rational proposal activity”, select and adopt rational proposals. In April, the company has organized the first session of “rational proposal activity”. There were 154 reasonable suggestions in total, from the distribution of uniforms to the improvement of control system of the wire drawing machine. After reviewed by the judging group, there were 9 projects awarded. The other three, “technical transformation of the shutdown process”, “optimized product water cooling control system” and "Optimizing the company's public channel lighting", will be evaluated in the implementation process and participate in the next quarter's awards.
“Rational proposal activity” is a full-participation activity advocated by the company. We believe that the activity will stimulat the enthusiasm, creativity and team awareness of all employees, and bring vitality to the company.

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